If I don't immediately respond to a message on Discord ( Alex#1891 ), I am either taking a nap or driving! I recently purchased a 2013 Smart Fortwo; it is six times as fuel-efficient as my older 2003 Ford Explorer as described on the homepage of this website. Since acquiring this car in February 2022, I am grateful to report that the take-home money I am making from my occupation has exploded and that I am able to afford to take mini-vacations with greater frequency. I now visit LA about once a month and the pattern I'm getting into which I think I like is staying at a hotel, doing some deliveries the next day, then visiting the Pacific Ocean via a dine-in experience at a restaurant (often on the Pacific Coast Highway) then a short walk right up to the water's edge. As such, the first video you will find on this page is something that will be iconic to me for my entire life: My first experience doing deliveries in LA. I also have other videos relating to the happiness my occupation brings me, and I invite you to watch as much as you like.