Flurp has gone by many names in the past — starting with Famous between 2013 and 2018, Blair! between 2018 and 2021, and finally Flurp — but she has always been the same manifestation of excellence in a person for the years I've known her. Our relationship started in 2014 on MyVMK Forums, with the initial base mostly consisting of shared criticisms of the staff and the way the operation was run back then. We have gradually become great friends, with her having been kind enough to invite me to a function all the way in New York in 2020, her offering to send me money for fuel when she thought I needed it, and her always being there for me to let me know when I might be acting out of line or not in my usual manner. I trust Flurp to tell me how it is, slap me straight when I need it, and genuinely care about me. I consider her my best friend both in the real world (even though we have yet to meet in person) and in the VMK community.