A toxic community?

There have been multiple accusations over the years from multiple people that MyVMK's community is toxic. These claims are generally along the lines of the game being unenjoyable without being part of an exclusionary friend group. I personally do not see any problems of MyVMK's community that are out-of-the-ordinary. That is to say, such problems are endemic to all online communities of any size. That said, there definitely are prolific players who enjoy staff favoritism and who bully others without consequence. This behavior ranges from off-the-cuff remarks due to almost any language being able to be entered into the game's chat, to hosting and participating in burn blogs. On the topic of burn blogs, several have spawned over the years. They used to be websites (usually on Tumblr) that anyone could access, but are now generally Discord servers. Some hosts and participants include iForest, CaptainBubbles, and Goldenbarbie.

What is a burn blog?

A burn blog is an online space in which people will get together and bully a specific user. That user is usually not aware they are being mentioned and does not have the power to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the staff can do very little to combat this, so it's just worth knowing who creates and participates in them.

My Ban

I was banned from MyVMK, the forums, and the Discord server in late March 2022 following an incident with Goldenbarbie. There are no staff plans to reinstate my account at this time.